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Record information about a company
Record information about a company

How to add documents, contacts and notes to a company.

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Claimable allows you to create companies profiles in order to collect relevant details and share them with the team. 

This allows you to better collaborate with your team and quickly retrieve valuable information about the companies you work with.

Adding Documents to a Company

Claimable allows you to upload documents within each company. This means that you have all the documents concerning a given company saved in one place and easy to retrieve. 

To upload a document within a company profile, just open the Documents page then click the "Upload" button and select the document or documents you want to upload. To select multiple documents, hold the CTRL or SHIFT key (CMD on a Mac) to select more than one.

Downloading a Document

If you wish to download a document saved under a company profile, select the file you wish to download and then just click the cloud icon. 

Deleting a Document

If you upload a wrong document or no longer wish to store it within a company, you can delete this by clicking on the trash icon and confirming that you wish to delete the file.

Adding Notes to a Company

Notes represent a great opportunity for team members to share information about a given company. Team members can add notes to a company profile or comment on existing notes. 

To add a new note, access the Notes page, write your message and then click "Add Note". If you want to comment on an existing note you just need to type your your response in the comment field and click Enter on your keyboard.

Commenting on a Note

In order to comment on a note, you just need to type the information you want to share in the "Comment" field and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Adding Contacts to a Company

Claimable allows you to record all the different contacts within a company.

In order to add a new contact within a company just click Contacts in the sidebar menu on the company page. Once there, click "+ New Contact", fill in the necessary information and then click "Save". Once the contact has been saved it will be stored in the Contacts database of your Claimable account and within a company profile.

Deleting Contacts to a Company

To delete a company's contact you just need to open the given contact, click on the trash can icon and select "OK".

Once the contact is deleted, this is removed from the company profile and from the main contacts list.

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