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With the search feature, Claimable allows you to efficiently and quickly find a specific claim within your account.

There is a variety of search fields that enable you to find claims by specific attributes such as Claimant Name or ID, Postcode and Claim Reference. In addition, if you manage motor claims with us, you will be able to search your claims by Vehicle Registration Number.

To search your claims, choose how you want to search them from the list next to the Search field and type your search term. In order to run a search, you can either click on the magnifying glass button or just press enter on your keyboard. 

Clicking on the refresh button reloads your search to see if there are any new claims.

You can run your searches within a filter or a label and the results will be limited to the claims in the current filter or label. To search all your claims, select the All filter.

Search Fields

There are currently four different fields to search claims. They are:

Name or ID 

When you select Name or ID, Claimable searches for the auto-generated claim ID or the claimant name only. The search results will include all those claims where the claimant name or ID contains the value specified.


When searching by Postcode, Claimable searches for all the postcodes existing within a claim, meaning that it scans not only the claimant and the incident location address but also any other addresses within the Contacts tab of the claim. 

Claim Ref.

When searching by Claim Ref., Claimable considers both the Claim Reference and the External Claim Reference numbers. The results will show all those claims for which either the Claim Reference or the External Claim Reference match your search term.

Vehicle Reg.

The Vehicle Reg. option is available to users managing motor claims. When you run a search by Vehicle Reg. the results will include any claims which contain the selected vehicle registration number. In fact, Claimable analyses all vehicle registration numbers existing within a the Vehicles tab of a claim.

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