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Linking a Claim to a Broker
Linking a Claim to a Broker

Keep track of the claims for each broker.

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When processing a claim, a broker may be involved. By linking a claim to a broker, Claimable ensures that claims are correctly categorised and associated to the broker involved in the claim process.

Creating a Broker

In order to be able to link a claim to a broker you first need to create a company with the type “Broker”. In fact, only once you have at least one broker in your company list, you will be able to see the Broker field on your claims.

To create a broker, click “+ New Company” on the Companies tab.

When creating the company, choose the type "Broker", and fill out the necessary information, such as its contact and address details.   

Linking a Broker to a Claim 

You can link a broker to a claim from the Claim Details tab within a claim. All the companies with the type “Broker” are available to choose from the Broker field drop-down menu. Simply choose the broker you want to link to the claim and click “Save”.

Filtering on Brokers

Once you have linked some claims to brokers you have the option of filtering claims by the brokers they are linked to. When adding or editing a filter on the Claims tab, specify under the conditions which broker you wish to filter on. 

The filter will only show claims linked to the specified broker.

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