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Introducing Companies
Introducing Companies

An introduction to companies and their role in Claimable.

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What is a company?

A Company represents an organisation you work with. A company in Claimable can have four roles: client, supplier, broker and insurer. While broker and insurer roles do not need explanation, we refer to a client as the company that instructed your organisation to process the claim. On the other hand, a supplier is a company you outsource or contract to perform a certain activity as part of the claim. For instance, when processing a motor claim, two common types of suppliers will be a repairer for the car damages and a car rental company providing the courtesy car to the claimant. 

For a property claim, suppliers would typically be property repair companies and adjusters.

Company Types

Company types indicate the role a company has. Claimable offers a number of default company types, however, these are totally customisable. 

Default company types functioning as suppliers are: "Supplier", "Repairer", "Adjuster", "Lawyer" and "Surveyor". On the other hand, "Client" is the only default company type functioning as a client while “Broker” and “Insurer” are the only two types functioning as broker and insurer.

The full list of default company types is:

  • Supplier

  • Repairer

  • Adjuster

  • Lawyer

  • Surveyor

  • Client

  • Insurer

  • Broker

In order to add a new custom company type, you just need to contact us via the chat widget icon and we will be happy to assist you.

Filtering on Companies 

In order to better organise your companies list, you can filter companies. Filters are a powerful way to report on companies by applying multiple conditions. Companies can be filtered by "Status", "Company Type" and "Label".

To learn more about filters read our help article.

Apply a Label to a Company

Labels function as tags and enable you to specify the state of a company. For example, if a company is awaiting approval you can apply an "Awaiting Approval" label to it. Claimable offers you a range of default labels, however, these are totally customisable.  

You can easily apply a label to a company by clicking on the label icon on the company page and select the desired one. 

To learn more about about labels and how to create them, read here.

Storing Notes on a Company 

You can communicate and collaborate with your team by creating notes or commenting on an existing one via the Notes tab within a company. Notes are a great way to share important information about a given company. 

The Claims Volume Column 

The “Claims” column in the company list shows the volume of claims linked to a given company, whether it's an insurer, a supplier, a client or a broker. These metrics show the total number of claims along with a useful split between open and closed claims.

To learn how to create a company, read our help article.

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