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Introducing Tasks
Introducing Tasks

An introduction to tasks and the role they play in Claimable.

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Tasks are way to define actionable activity that needs performing by your claims team.

They originate in the Claim Checklist but are also available on the main Tasks tab. This gives you the ability to build your to-do list for every claim you have to process, and then organise and monitor all tasks across all claims.

To learn more about the Claim Checklist, read our help article.

There are two types of tasks:

  • Repeating Tasks 

  • Standard Tasks 

Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks are those tasks which reoccur in every claim. In other words, they represent the core activities required in your claim process, performed by your team again and again.
You can choose a list of tasks to set as repeating tasks and these will appear as part of the checklist for every claim you create.

To learn more about repeating tasks, read our help article.

Standard Tasks

Standard tasks are those tasks which are created manually for specific claims and relate to that individual claim only. You can add as many tasks as you want to the Claim Checklist.

Editing Tasks

You can edit a task by clicking on it to take you to the task details page.

From the task details page you can add an Assigned To, a Due Date, a Type, Description and also apply labels. 

To learn more about editing tasks, read our help article

The Tasks Tab 

Clicking on the main Tasks tab opens the tasks list which shows you a complete list of all the tasks, for all claims in your account.

From the task list you can search for tasks, export them and organise your tasks by creating filters and labels.

To learn more about organising tasks, read our help article


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