Editing Tasks

How to edit, assign and set a due date for a task.

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Tasks form part of the Claim Checklist. Clicking on a task within the checklist opens the task page which shows details about the task and lets you add important information about it.

From the task page you can perform the following activities:

Edit the Task Title

You can edit the task title by clicking on it and then clicking "Save".

Remember, that task titles work best when they are short and succinct. The Description field lets you add more detail, and this is explained further below.

Apply a Label 

To apply a label you just need to click on Add, to the left under the task title. Once a label is added, you can add another label or delete an existing one by clicking on the label icon to the right, under the task title. From here you can add and remove as many labels as you need for this task.

Labels are a great way to categorise tasks based on your workflow or simply apply a level of urgency to them, as shown the example below.

Add a Due Date

By clicking on the Due Date you can easily add or change the date a given task is due. This will show on the checklist too.

Assign a Task to a Teammate

By clicking on "Assigned To" you can assign the task to a member of your team. This will show on the checklist too.

Add a Type

The task Type refers to the type of activity which is required when that task is performed. The default types available are: Call, Email, Letter, Follow Up, Meeting, Payment, Report, Review, Visit and Other.

Setting a task type is a great way to see at a glance the type of action needed, and lets you action calls or emails together in a batch, for example. 

The type will show on the checklist too.

Add a Description

The Description box allows you to add important information about a given task, that is perhaps too long for the task title. For example, you may wish to to elaborate on what is required, add context to the task, or specify instructions about the work to be carried out. 

There is no limit on the length of description you can provide.

Mark as Completed

Checking the box next to the task title and clicking "Save" will mark the task as completed. A completed task appears greyed out and crossed out with the Completed Date field populated with the date/time that you completed the task.

Remember, in order to save your changes you have to click "Save" before leaving the task page.

If you click Cancel, your changes will not be saved and you will return to the checklist.

Delete a Task

In order to delete a task you just need to click on the trash icon and click "Ok".  This can not be undone.

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