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Repeating Tasks
Repeating Tasks

How to set up repeating tasks to pre-populate the claim checklist.

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Repeating tasks are those tasks which reoccur in every claim. In other words, they represent the core activities required in your claim process, performed by your team again and again.

For example you may find that you often have tasks such as "Send confirmation email", "Arrange a site visit", "Appoint an adjuster" or "Request repairer invoice" - things that apply in most or all instances. These can be set to repeat on every claim.

Repeating tasks can be distinguished from standard tasks thanks to the yellow star icon next to them. 

The Benefits of Using Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks are a great way to:

  • Save time in organising your workflow by automatically populating the checklist.

  • Ensure core activities are recorded when each claim gets created.

  • Delegate areas of responsibility to various team members.

  • Guarantee a consistent claim handling process that adheres to your operational workflow.

  • Support new team members' training.

Setting Up Repeating Tasks

To set up repeating tasks you just need to contact us, and provide the list of tasks you perform for every claim you process, or those you consider essential for processing claims. There is no limit in the amount of repeating tasks you can add to your claim checklist. However, we advise our customers to choose a lean list so that only core duties are included.

When setting up repeating tasks you can decide to assign a particular task to a member of your team. This allows you to delegate areas of responsibility for specific things. For instance, a task called "Request repairer invoice" might be assigned to a member of your accounts team. Whereas, "Appoint an adjuster" might be assigned to a claim handler.

Setting Up Repeating Tasks Based on Claim Type

You can specify that certain repeating tasks only apply to a specific claim type. This is useful if you have multiple claim types configured on your Claimable account, and it allows you to treat each type of claim differently.

This is a great way to cater to the idiosyncrasies and variations in workflow for each type of claim you deal with.

Editing Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks can be edited and deleted, just as with standard tasks. By clicking on the task you can view the details and from here you can:

  • Add a Due Date.

  • Edit the Assigned to.

  • Edit the Type.

  • Add a Description. 

  • Apply Labels.

  • Delete the task.

Note: All changes to repeating tasks on the Claim Checklist affect those specific tasks for that particular claim only, and do not change the repeating task template that applies to future claims.

To learn more about editing tasks, read our help article

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