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How to edit your user profile, change your email and password.

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By accessing the Settings section of your Claimable account, under the menu displaying your name in the top right, you can visit the Your Profile page where you can edit information about your user account.

The Your Profile section allows you to see information regarding your account and make changes to it. From here you can edit your first and last name, email address and password.

Change your login details

In order to change your login details, you just need to enter the new details in the relevant field and click "Save".

You must provide a First Name, Last Name and Email, which are all required.

Change your password

In order to change your password, you just need to choose one, type it in the New Password box and click "Save".
Choosing a secure password is really important for your data security. For this reason, we have created a strength meter to measure your password strength and help you make the right choice. While typing your password you will see that the strength meter underneath highlights the level of security of your password, use this to inform your choice.

The minimum is 3 bars.

If you want to learn more on how to create an awesome, hard-to-guess password you can read our Password Guidelines where we suggest some tricks to boost your data security by creating strong passwords which are also easy to remember.


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