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Password Guidelines
Password Guidelines

Tips and tricks on how to create a super safe, secure password and remember it!

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Even though we are bombarded with messages regarding the importance of a strong password, we often fail to choose one which is safe but also easy to remember. It's often a trade-off between convenience (easy-to-remember) and security (hard-to-remember, but hard-to-guess!).

However, this needn't be the case!

We believe a good password is the first step toward safe data. For this reason, in this article we would like to share with you some tips on how to create a very safe password which we are sure will be useful on more than one occasion, besides your Claimable account.

Just stating the obvious, you should never use the same password for different accounts and this should never contain personal information such as pet names, family members or favourite football team, or other easy to guess information. 

Also, passwords should ideally be changed regularly based on the sensitivity of the content they protect.

Choose and remember strong passwords

Here are some tricks which will help you choose and remember tough-to-guess passwords:

  • Use more than one upper-case letter and try to avoid having it at the beginning of the password;

  • Use long passwords, do not stick with the minimum 8 characters required; 

  • Think of a sentence and just take the first letters of each word;

  • Choose two words, mix up the letters and then turn vowels into numbers or symbols;

  • Add memorable numbers between letters;

  • Think of a memorable number and instead of using it as the password use the letters beneath each number on the keyboard. Remember to avoid "1q2w3e4r" or "1q2w3e4r5t" as these are part of the 25 most common passwords. In fact avoid sequences because these are common and easy to guess;

  • Try to create random passwords as these are the most difficult to guess;

  • It's good to associate multiple unrelated words together.

Random passwords

Random passwords are the safest option but are also difficult to remember. In order to choose one which is easy to keep in mind use these techniques:

  • Try to type some random passwords and choose the one which is easier to type as this will get stuck in your "muscle memory" quicker;

  • Try to sound the password in your head. For example "drAutani5PM" (doctor Autani 5 pm);

  • Create a mnemonic device. For example, "R=jNp2#" can be remembered as "Robert = jeans NBC Prague #".

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