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Activating Your Free Trial Account
Activating Your Free Trial Account

How to upgrade your trial account and start using Claimable to manage your claims.

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If you have a free trial and you are ready to start using Claimable to manage your claims, you can easily upgrade your account just clicking on the "Upgrade" button in your profile drop-down menu.

By clicking on the "Upgrade" button you will be redirected to the activation form.

Activation Form

To complete the activation form you need to confirm the following details:

  • Price Plan.

  • Payment Method.

  • Billing Contact.

  • Billing Address.

  • Credit/Debit Card Details.

Once you have filled in the form, click on the  "Activate Account" button to submit the request. 

Your account will be activated right away and we will send you a confirmation email as soon as it is ready to use.


Claimable will take the first payment on the activation day. 

The day you activate your account will become your billing date and the subsequent payments will be taken on the same day every month.

What if my trial already expired?

If your trial has already expired just drop us a line via the chat widget on the bottom-right hand corner of this page or at and we will immediately send you the link to the activation form.

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