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Account Settings

Configure your Claimable account by adjusting its settings.

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Account administrators can change their company's account-level settings, to ensure Claimable is configured to optimally for your organisation.

You can access Account Settings from the Settings link in your profile menu.

From here you can change any of the following details:

Company Name 

This refers to how your company is called in Claimable and shows on invoices and correspondence from us. It will also be visible to your users and claimants.

You can easily change it by typing in the new name and clicking "Save".


This refers to the unique web address that you and your users visit to access your Claimable account. The subdomain is the part before the first "." and it is automatically generated from your company name, however, you can request to change it. We recommend you shorten long company names, and remove unnecessary words, because shorter is better. It's also a good opportunity to brand and personalise the link you give to staff, customers and claimants.

For example, a company called "Hoxton Street Brokers Ltd", could have a subdomain of just "hoxton", which would make their URL, which is short, on-brand and easy to remember.

Subdomains are always lower case.

To request a change you just need to click "Request Change" and contact support.

Price Plan

This shows you the current price plan you are on. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan by contacting us.

Plan changes take immediate effect, and you will be billed pro-rata until the end of the current billing period.

To know more about our pricing and the features each plan includes, you can check our Pricing Page.


This ensures that region-specific formats such as dates, times and vernacular are correctly displayed for your chosen region. You can easily choose that via the drop-down menu.

For example, if your Locale/Region is set to English - UK, dates will show in the more European format, where the day precedes the month (e.g. 11 July). However, if your Locale/Region is set to English - US, dates will use the format most common in North America (and other regions) where the month precedes the date (e.g. July 11).

Display Currency 

This refers to all financial fields throughout Claimable, and controls the currency shown next to each field. Typically, you should choose the currency in which you primarily do business.

This setting does not affect your Claimable billing in any way.

Time Zone

This refers to the primary time zone in which your company operates. Changing the time zone will affect the display of dates and times, and all time-dependent features across Claimable such as the Claimable Daily.

You can change the timezone by selecting it from the drop-down menu and clicking "Save".

Primary Contact 

The primary contact refers to the owner of your company's Claimable account. The primary contact is responsible for account administration and is a point of reference for communication regarding account matters.

The primary contact can differ from the billing contact. We will never spam you with emails not related to the product and will never share your email with anyone. 

Correspondence Address

The correspondence address is the primary address of your company and it will be solely used for relevant communications. The correspondence address can differ from the billing address.

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