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Searching Contacts
Searching Contacts

Search for specific contacts from within your main contacts list.

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Claimable allows you to search for contacts in your account by specific fields such as Name, Phone, Email, Postcode and I.D. No. or SSN.

To search your contacts, choose how you want to search them from the list next to the Search field and type your search term. In order to run a search, you can either click on the magnifying glass button or just press Enter on your keyboard. 

Clicking on the refresh button reloads your search to see if there are any new contacts matching the search.

Search Fields

There are currently 4 different fields to search contacts. They are:


When searching by Phone, Claimable searches for every phone number saved within the contact profiles: home, mobile and work.

The best way to search by phone number is to avoid spaces when typing.

Name or ID

When searching by Name or ID, Claimable searches for the contact first and last name and the contact unique ID. The search results will include all those claims where the claimant name or ID contains the value specified.


When selecting Email, Claimable will search by the email address for each contact.


When searching by Postcode/Zipcode, Claimable searches for the postcodes existing within the contacts' addresses. Searching by postcode/zipcode is space insensitive, meaning that you do not need to type the space for the search to be effective.

I.D. No. or SSN (Social Security Number) 

When selecting I.D. No. or SSN, Claimable considers both I.D. and SSN numbers. This search option also searches for the Driving Licence No.

This search is space and special character insensitive. This means that if you have saved an I.D. No. as AH-12345 or AH 12345, if you type AH12345 in the search field Claimable will also match the version containing a space or a symbol.

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