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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Introducing our CRM capability to help you build and manage a database of contacts.

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Claimable allows you to create a claim-focused directory of contacts enriched with valuable information to support your CRM efforts. The Contacts main list groups together all contacts existing in your account. 

Here contacts are shown along with useful information: Email Address, Preferred Phone Number and Claims History. In this way, Claimable allows you to manage your contacts across all claims.

The contacts showed in the Contacts main list are:

Claim Contacts

These are the contacts you have added because they perform a role within a claim. For instance, a witness or a third party. 

Stand-alone Contacts

These contacts have been created from the main contacts list and are not linked to any claim or belonging to any company.

Claim and stand-alone contacts may be a business or person. You can recognise that from the icon next to them.

Company Contacts

These are the contacts that belong to the companies in your account. For each company you may have one or more contact. 

You can recognise company contacts because their name shows along with the company they work for.

Creating a Stand-alone Contact

To create a contact in your account you just need to click on the Contacts tab, click on "+ New Contact" and fill in the form with the relevant information. Once that is done you can click "Create".


To edit a contact which is linked to more than one claim, you need to access its main contact record. Once you open the contact in question, you just need to change the values in the desired fields and click "Save".

Remember, when editing an existing contact, the changes will be visible in every claim the contact is linked to.

Add Notes 

Notes are a great tool for each team member to add extra information to a given contact. For example, you may want to share with your team the details of an email, recent phone call, or any other information that can help future communication.

To add a note to a contact, open the Notes tab within the contact main record, write your message and click "Add Note". If you want to add a comment on an existing note you can just press Enter on your keyboard when you've written your response in the comment field. 

When creating a new note you can also copy and paste text into the New Notes field. 

View a Contact's Claims History

By clicking on the Claim History tab within a contact you can see an overview of all claims the contact is linked to, along with his/her role and any liability they've been assigned.

Delete a Contact

To delete a contact you need to access its main contact record. From here you just need to click on the trash icon and select "Ok"

Remember, you can only delete contacts that are not linked to any claims, so you would need to remove a contact from each claim it is linked to before deleting it.

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