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Creating a Contact
Creating a Contact
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In Claimable a contact can be created in three way:

  • From within a claim.

  • As a stand-alone contact from the main Contacts list.

  • As a contact belonging to an existing company.

Create a Contact Within a Claim

When you add a new contact within a claim, the contact will be automatically linked to the claim. However, it will also appear in the main claim list.

To add a contact within a claim you just need to click on the "Add Contact +" button, fill in the required information, click "Ok"  and then click the green check/tick icon to save.

Create a Stand-alone Contact

To add a stand-alone contact (not linked to a claim or company), you need to access the main Contacts list and click "Add Contact +" button. Once you have filled in the contact information and clicked "Save", the contact exists and it can be linked to claims.

Create a Contact Within a Company

Claimable allows you to add contacts to an existing company in your account. You may want to add different contacts for each company, for example, a director, accountant and other points of contact you may have.

To add a new contact to a company, you just need to access the company you wish to add the contact to, click on the Contacts tab and then on the "+ New Contact" button.

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