Claimable allows you to link as many contacts as you want to each claim. You can both create new and link existing contacts within a claim. 

Creating a New Contact

To add a new contact within a claim you just need to click on "+ Add Contact". 

Once a new contact row appears you just need to click on the plus icon "+", fill in the details fields and click "Ok". You are just required to specify the First Name and Last Name (or Business Name for businesses), and extra information can be added later on from within the contact page. 

To save the contact along with the details just entered and the Role and Liability, if specified, you need to click on the green check/tick icon. 

Linking an Existing Contact

To link an existing contact within the claim you just need to click "+ Add Contact". 

When a new contact row appears you can search all existing contacts, by typing the name, the email address, the phone number or the postcode in the search field.

Claimable will then search for existing matching contacts within your account and show you the results along with their claim history.

To select an existing contact just click on the chosen one. Once selected you can assign the Role and the Liability to it and click the green check/tick icon to save it.

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