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Contacts within a Claim
Contacts within a Claim

Link a contact to a claim to better manage your claims and keep track of the people involved.

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By clicking on the Contacts tab within a claim you can have an overview of all contacts relevant to that claim. These are broken down into two types of contacts: claim contacts and company contacts.

Claim Contacts

Claim contacts are those contacts that exist because they perform a role in the claim. They can be either persons or businesses.

Adding a New Contact Within a Claim

To add a new contact within a claim you just need to click on "+ Add Contact". 

Once a new contact row appears you just need to click on the plus icon or on "+ New Contact", fill in the details fields and click "OK".  To save a contact you are just required to specify the First Name and Last Name (or Business Name for businesses), and extra information can be added later on from within the contact page.

To save the contact along with the details just entered and the Role and Liability if specified, you need to click on the green checkbox icon. 

Copy the Address from the Previous Contact

Claimable allows you to copy the address from the previous contact in the list, for convenience. This is useful, for example, when creating multiple members of the same family or business, who have the same address. To copy the address, just click on the copy icon, when creating the contact.

Remember, you can drag and drop the contacts to change their position. This is a good way to give prominence to the primary contacts on a claim, by dragging them to the top.

Linking an Existing Contact to the Claim

To link an existing contact within the claim you just need to click "+ Add Contact".

When a new contact row appears you just need to type the name, the email address, the phone number or the postcode in the search field. Claimable will then search for existing matching contacts within your account and show you the results along with their claim history.

To select an existing contact just click on the chosen one. Once selected you can assign the Role and the Liability to it and click the green checkbox icon to save it.

Contact Role

When creating a contact or linking it to a claim you can specify the role the contact performs within that given claim. 

We have created a list of default roles, such as: Witness, Policyholder, Main Contact, Spouse, Partner.

However, these are totally customisable and you can add your custom list of roles. Just contact us and we will do that right away.

Contact Liability

When you link or create a new contact within a claim you can also specify a liability level. We have created a list of default liability levels: At Fault, Not At Fault, Shared Liability, Disputed Liability and Unknown Liability.

However, these are totally customisable. Just contact us and we will do that right away.

Claimant and Insured Party

The claimant and the insured party are distinguished among other contacts by a badge on their avatar.

Removing a Contact  

To remove a contact, click on the contact you wish to remove. Once you open the contact page click on the minus button on the right hand side, next to the email button, and then select "OK".

Company Contacts

The Company contacts are those contacts that belong to the companies linked or appointed to the claim. For instance, all those contacts that belong to the Client, Insurer, Broker or any appointed suppliers linked to the claim.

To learn how to create a company contact read our help article Creating a Contact.

The Contact Page

By clicking on a given contact you can access all the information about that contact.

The Contact Sidebar

The contact sidebar gives an overview of the main details of the contact, such as Labels, Age, Claim History and Notes.

Email Contacts within a Claim

All contacts within the claims are displayed along with their email address and telephone numbers.

By clicking on the email address a new email window in your email application will pop-up enabling you to easily send emails from within Claimable.

You can also email a contact from the contact page by clicking on the email icon

Editing Contacts

If a contact is only linked to one claim you will be able to edit it from within the claim.

To edit a contact which is linked to one or more claim or which belongs to a company, you will need to access its main contact record from the main Contacts list. 

To learn more about how to edit a contact and add extra information to it, read our help article.

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