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Creating a Claim
Creating a New Claim (FNOL)
Creating a New Claim (FNOL)

First Notification of Loss

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Claimable makes submitting claims (FNOL) quick and easy, with all the tools needed to optimise your workflow. You can capture the necessary claim information instantly from the claims creation window, from anywhere in the application, regardless of what you are doing!

During new claim creation, you have the flexibility of populating all the fields or leaving them blank for later. However, there are a few required fields you have to complete, in order to submit the claim. 

In this article, we walk you through each stage.

Creating a New Claim

When clicking the "+ New Claim" button from the Claims tab, the claim creation window will appear, guiding you through the process, step by step.

Type Tab

The first tab, the Type tab, gives you the opportunity to specify the claim type along with basic claim details. These include: the date reported, the client (if relevant), the member of the staff the claim is assigned to, the policy number and the internal and external claim reference numbers. 

Choosing a Claim Type is mandatory at this point in the process because the claim type informs various components of the claim.

Claimant Tab

This tab is all about identifying the claimant and the insured party (if there is one) and to record information about any other contacts involved in the claim.

Adding Contacts

At this stage, Claimable allows you to add existing contacts or new contacts within the claim. You can add as many contacts as you want.

You can search existing contacts by Name, Email Address, Phone or Postcode in order to avoid creating duplicates in your account. When searching for an existing contact, Claimable will show you all matching results along with their email address, phone number and their claim history.

You can select the chosen contact just by clicking on it. Once the contact is selected it will be automatically saved and you can choose a role and liability if needed. (Roles and Liabilities can be customised - contact support).

To add a new contact just click on “+Create new” or the plus icon "+"

To create a new contact, you just need to fill in their details in the form and then click “Ok”. Once the details are recorded, choose a role and a liability-level if needed and this will be automatically saved.

To save a contact you are only required to specify the First Name and the Last Name (or the Business Name for businesses). Any extra information can be added later on from within the Contacts page of the claim.

Copy the address from the previous contact

When adding a new contact Claimable allows you to copy the address from the previous contact, if there is one. To do so, just click on the copy icon above the address fields.

Identifying Claimant and Insured Party

Every claim must have a claimant, so identifying the Claimant at new claim stage is mandatory. The claimant and the insured party can be chosen between the contacts you've added, or set to the Client you have linked to the claim (if any).

The Claimant and the Insured Party can be the same contact or two different ones.

Incident Tab

The Incident tab allows you to add information about the reason behind the claim and the event that occurred. There are two fields that are required to fill in order to create the claim: Incident Type and Incident Date. Simply populate these fields by choosing the relevant information from the dropdown menu or date picker.

Both Incident Type and Sub Incident Type are controlled by the Claim Type set on the Type tab.
You have the option of either filling the Incident Location fields manually or clicking the button "Copy from claimant address" to conveniently copy the claimant address. 

Damage & Loss Tab

The last tab is Damage & Loss which is where you can specify what was damaged or lost as a result of this claim. 

Here you can add one or more damages, setting the Damage Type for each. You also have the option of adding this information later, once the claim is created.

However, if the claim type requires vehicle information, this will need to be provided before the claim can be submitted.

Validating the Claim

If there is required information that you have not added, a red ✖ will show in the tab that needs your attention. You can easily switch between tabs by clicking them in order to complete any missing information. Once the missing information is added, the ✖ will change into a ✔ and you can create the claim. 

Claim Submission

When you are ready, and once all the tabs are valid (showing the green ✔), click the green Create button to submit the claim,

Once the claim has been created it will be visible at the top of the "All" filter on the claim overview page. You can now continue to populate the various claim tabs and add any other relevant information on the Claim Details page by clicking into the claim.

The Claim Title

The Claim Title is set automatically during new claim creation, from the Claimant name. However, this can be edited afterwards from within the Claim Details page.


Batch Create Mode

By ticking the "Create Another?" checkbox, the new claim window resets right after a claim is created, allowing you to easily submit multiple claims in one go.
This is a great way to submit multiple claims, one after the other, in a batch.

Quickly Copy an Address

In the Incident Tab you have the option of clicking the "Copy from claimant address" button to duplicate the address, instead of having to type it twice.

Need help?

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