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Introducing Notes
Introducing Notes

Keep track of useful information about claims, contacts and companies by creating notes to share with your team.

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Notes allow you to collaborate with your team by helping you share useful information about claims, contacts and companies.

They are a great way to keep track of details about your claims as they progress to make sure your team have all the information they need to provide great customer service.

There are no limitations to how many notes you can add within claims, contacts or company's profiles. And, to encourage sharing and collaboration between users, anyone with access to the claim, can comment on notes.

Collaborating on a Claim

Notes are a great way for each team member to catch up on what has been going on within a claim, by keeping all relevant information in one place.

For example, if you tried to get a hold of a customer to arrange a time for an adjuster to visit, but did not get through, you can let your team know in the Notes tab, so they can follow up later.

Adding a New Note

To add a new note, write your message and click "Add Note"

When creating a new note you can also copy and paste text into the New Notes field. This is particularly useful if you want to copy and paste the body of an email or information from a document.

Editing Notes

Notes can be edited within 30 minutes from their creation, in case you make a mistake or need to add something. To edit a note you have created, click on the edit button, make the changes needed and click "Save Note".

Only users with the role "Admin" will be able to edit any note at any time. 

Commenting on a Note

You have the option of creating a new note or commenting on an existing one. For example, if your teammate has added a note saying that he/she unsuccessfully tried to get a hold of the customer, you can comment on that particular note with a plan of how to progress the claim.

To comment on an existing note, you just need to click enter once you've written your response in the comment field. 

Deleting Notes and Comments

You can easily delete notes by clicking on "delete" and selecting "Ok". Once a note is deleted it can not be retrieved.

To delete a comment, you just need to click on the trash icon and select "Ok".

For most users, notes and comments can be deleted within 30 minutes of their creation. But users with the role "Admin" or "Manager" can delete any note or comment, at any time.

Notes Visibility and Private Notes

Notes are set by default as visible to all users. This means that anyone with a user account and access to the claim in question, can see these notes. However, if you have external users added to your account you may want to add private notes which are only visible to your internal team.

You can easily change the visibility of your notes by clicking on "change" next to the visibility and choose the preferred option.


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