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Organising & Managing Notes
Organising & Managing Notes

Organise your notes by pinning and searching to easily find important information.

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To make sure the information contained in notes are easy to retrieve, Claimable allows you to pin, search and export notes.

Pinning Notes

In order to give prominence to important information and have all your notes well-organised, Claimable allows you to pin notes. For example, you may want to draw the attention of your team to the day the customer is returning from their holidays, the opening times of a certain company you collaborate with or an important reference number.

You can pin notes just by clicking on the pin icon, while, to unpin notes, you just need to click on "Unpin".

To have an overview of all pinned notes you just need to click on the Pinned tab.

Searching Notes

To quickly retrieve important information, you can search the contents of notes. To do so, click on the magnifying glass icon, type in your search term and then press enter on your keyboard.

Exporting Notes

Notes can be easily exported into a PDF file by clicking on the export button.

This is a great way to print and share notes.

Claimable lets you export All notes, Pinned ones and also the result of a search.
To export the results of a search, run the search and then click on the export button.

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