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How to Get the Most Out of Your Trial
How to Get the Most Out of Your Trial
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Having a trial is the best way to learn if Claimable is a good fit for your business.

But we understand that it can be time-consuming to properly evaluate a product. That's why, in this article, we suggest 3 quick things to try so you can make the most of your Claimable trial.

1. Create real claims

Entering real data into your Claimable account helps you understand how it applies to your daily workflow.

Creating a claim is very easy, you just need to click on "+ New Claim" and follow the 4 steps process.

Certain elements of this process can be customised as, for example, the list of incident and damage types you choose from. Just contact us to request their customisation.

Tip: Once the claim is created you can click on it to open it and add extra information. Make sure you try to upload documents and add notes.

2. Assign some tasks and get reminders

To help you better manage your workflow you can create a list of to-dos for every claim you enter, via the Claim Checklist. Claimable will then send you a daily reminder, around 8 am your local time, of what needs doing for the day along with any tasks due for the day after!

To start using this feature you just need to:

  • Create a task;

  • Set a due date;  

  • Assign it to yourself.

Tip: Try to create real tasks you have to carry out - something that you would like to be reminded of!

The Claim Checklist can also be automatically populated with the tasks that you have to perform for each claim you deal with, to save you having to enter them manually.

Just send us the list of task you wish to have automatically generated, and we will add those for you!

3. Invite your colleagues

When trialing a new product it's helpful to get the opinion of your team, to share the decision-making process and learn if it's the right fit for your company. Especially as they may spot things you missed, or simply have a different perspective.

Claimable allows you to invite as many users as you want to your trial. You just need to let us know the email address and full name of the user you want to invite, and we will sort that out right away.

Tip: Encourage your colleagues to read this article too and do not forget to assign claims and tasks to them! 

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