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Quick Start Guide

We've put together this quick start guide to get you up and running in no time!

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1. Accessing Your Claimable Account

You have been provided with your unique web address allowing you to access Claimable at anytime, anywhere. Just login with your email address and password and you are ready to use your account!

To ensure the optimal running of Claimable we recommend using a modern browser, such as Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

For convenience, we advise adding a bookmark in your browser to make it easy to access your account.

2. Add Real Claims to Your Account

To add claims click the "+ New Claim" button on the Claims tab. 

This presents you with the new claim creation window where you can enter the initial details of the claim.

When finished, click the "Create" button to save the claim. When the claim is saved successfully, it will appear at the top of your "All" filter. 

3. Working with Your Claims

In order to open a claim, just click on the claim record. When you open a claim you will see that is broken down into tabs listed on the left-hand side.

You can proceed to populate these tabs as the claim progresses, such as adding contacts, notes and uploading documents relating to the claim.

4. Manage Your Workflow

For each claim you create, you will be able to create a to-dos list of tasks that need completion under the Claim Checklist. If you set a due date and assign tasks to a user, Claimable will send a daily reminder of these tasks, the Claimable Daily.

Also, if there is a set of tasks that you perform for each claim type you deal with, Claimable allows you to have the Checklist automatically populated with Repeating Tasks. You just need to send us a list of tasks you wish to appear automatically in the Checklist and we will add that for you.

5. Organising Your Claims

Filters and Labels are great tools to organise and categorise your claims.

Filters enable you to report on your claims according to different conditions. We have added some sample filters in your account, but you can add more!

Labels work like tags and are a great way for you to highlight specific information about a claim or categorise your claims. Labels are totally customisable and you can create as many labels as you want.

Filters and Labels also work for tasks, contacts and companies.

6. Searching Your Claims

From the list of claims, you can search for a specific claim by different fields: Claimant Name or ID, Postcode/Zipcode and Claim Reference Number. Also, if you manage motor claims you will be able to search by Vehicle Registration Number / License Plate No

7. Build a CRM Database of your Contacts

For each claim you deal with, Claimable creates a contact profile for everyone involved in the claim. You can keep track of as many contacts as you need and over time you'll build a database of all your contacts.

The contacts you create will be saved in your Contacts list ready to be linked to future claims, along with their personal details, notes and claim history.

Need help?

Just click the support chat bubble in the bottom right corner and we will happy to assist you.

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