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Profile Preferences

Personalise how Claimable functions to suit your way of working.

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Claimable allows you to customise your preferences from the Preferences page in your profile settings section. Here are some of the options you can customise:

Message Signature

The message signature is automatically added to messages you send from Claimable, just like in your email application. This defaults to "Your Full Name", "Position" and "Company Brand Name", but you can customise it to your preference.
The Company Brand Name can be set by an "Admin" user via the Company Settings page. See our How do I change my company's Brand Name article to learn how.
To change your signature, just type your preferred signature in the text box and click "Save". You can add formatting to personalise it further, such as bold, italics, colour and links.

"From" Name Format

This is how emails you send from Claimable will show as being from, in the recipient's email application.

Claimable defaults this to your First Name followed by from and your Company Brand Name. However, you can choose from the following options:

  • First Name from Company Brand Name (e.g.: "Elisa from Origin Claims")

  • First Name Last Name Initial from Company Brand Name (e.g.: "Elisa C. from Origin Claims")

  • First Name Last Name from Company Brand Name (e.g.: "Elisa Cazzola from Origin Claims")

Message Compose Behaviour

When clicking on an email address within Claimable, you can compose a new message directly within Claimable, or launch your default email application (e.g.: Outlook). This setting lets you choose the best option to suit your way of working.
By selecting "Create tracked email in Claimable" the emails you send will be recorded in Claimable as a new conversation under the relevant claim and any replies will be automatically associated with that claim.

Note: If you choose the "Launch your email application (e.g. Outlook)" option, the conversation will not be tracked in Claimable and any replies will go directly to your email application.

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