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Tips and Tricks

Here are a few handy shortcuts that you might find helpful.

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Even though Claimable is designed to optimise your workflow there are still a few tips and tricks that we would like to share.

New Claim Shortcut

There's a new "quick create" mode, meaning you can create a claim from anywhere within Claimable with the shortcut Shift+C. (This works even while viewing another claim!)

Choosing a Date

When using the calendar to choose a date, it is possible to click the month or the year to jump ahead to the specific date you want, instead of scrolling through all the months. This is particularly useful for dates several months or years in the past or future, such as dates of birth.

Sharing Filters, Searches and Claims

You can share any page with a colleague by copying the URL from your browser address bar and sending it to them. Assuming they have a user account, when they click the link they will be redirected to exact page you shared.

This even works for searches and is a effective way to collaborate with your team.

Using the Back Button to Navigate Search History

You can use the Back button in your browser to navigate through your search history. This is especially useful if you make a series of searches, and wish to go back and forth between them.

Also, if you clear a search in the Claimable search field you can return to it easily by clicking the Back button.

Ordering Your Filters and Labels

Your filters and labels will be alphabetically sorted to ensure that you find the one you are looking for in no time.

However, if you want your filters or labels to appear in a certain order you can name  them with numbers in front of the description. Claimable will then automatically sort your filters accordingly.

Quick Find Labels When Filtering

When editing or creating a filter you can quickly find a label in the Has Labels field by typing a few characters.

This is particularly useful when you have a few labels in your account.

Long Filter/Label Names

If you have a filter or label with a long name, you can hover your mouse over it for a moment, to see the full description.

Checking the Status of A Claim

From the list of claims, you can hover over the status circle to see if a given claim is either "Open" or "Closed".

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