Tasks are a core part of Claimable and are the best way to keep track of the actionable items for your claims team.

Having your tasks organised efficiently will help you get the most from this feature and makes sure - alongside the Claim Checklist - that your productivity is optimised.

Default Filters

To make it easier for you to better manage your workflow, we have organised tasks in four default filters: All, My Overdue, My Due Today and My Upcoming.

The All filter shows you all tasks both assigned to you or the rest of your team.

My Overdue filter shows all your tasks that were due in the past and you did not complete yet.

My Due Today filter allows you to access all your tasks due on the current day.

My Upcoming filter shows you an overview of all tasks assigned to you that are due in the future, so you can plan ahead.

These filters can also be accessed from the link in our Claimable Daily email.

Filtering Tasks 

Tasks can be filtered according to different conditions to better categorise them. 

There are eight conditions that you can apply to filter tasks: Status, Assigned To, Assigned By, Created By, Due Date, Completed Date, Type and Labels. For example, to have an overview of the most pressing tasks needing your attention, you can create a filter and call it "Urgent Tasks" with the conditions to show you all the tasks with the label "Urgent" and the Status "Open".

The various conditions available to filter tasks are:


The Status field indicates whether the tasks are complete or open. This field can be left blank if the status of the claim is insignificant for the purpose of the filter you are creating. 

Assigned To

The Assigned To field allows you to filter tasks by who they are assigned to.

Assigned By

Assigned By allows you to filter tasks by the person who assigned them to another user.

Created By

Created By allows you to filter tasks by the person who created them. 


The Due field allows you to filter your tasks by the date on which they are due to be completed.

You can specify a minimum date, a maximum date or both for a date range.

Alternatively, you can use the "Blank" toggle to filter for tasks with no due date set.


The Completed field gives you the option of filtering tasks by the date they have been completed. You can specify a minimum date, a maximum date or both for a date range. 

Alternatively you can use the "Blank" toggle to filter for tasks with no completed date set.


The Type field allows you to filter tasks by the type of action required. For example, selecting the type "Email" you will only show all the tasks requiring an email to be sent.

This is nice way to group your tasks by the type of action they require.

Has Labels 

This field allows you to filter tasks by one or more labels applied to them. If you add multiple labels to the filter, tasks with all of those labels applied will be included in the results.

Labelling Tasks

Labels are like tags or folders and are a great way to categorise and drive attention to the state of a task. Labels can be personalised and there is no limit on the number of labels you can create and apply to a task. 

We have created three default labels, "Low", "Medium" and "Urgent" to help you assign severity to tasks, but these are totally customisable and you can add as many labels as you want. 

You can create and edit labels from the Labels tab on the main task list.

In order to apply a label to a task, just click on the task in question to see the task details page. From here you can apply labels by clicking on the label button to the far right, under the task title.

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