The Claim Checklist

An introduction to the Claim Checklist and how to use it.

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All claims have tasks that need performing in order to bring them to a close. In Claimable, these tasks live in the Claim Checklist, which is accessible via the Checklist tab.

The Claim Checklist is a to-do list consisting of a number of tasks which must be carried out as part of your teams' work on a claim. 

It's a great way to support your claims workflow and can act as a handy guide for your claims team to complete the fundamental steps of processing a claim.

The tasks on the claim checklist can be one of two different types: 

Repeating tasks are identified as such by the yellow star icon next to them and you can read more about them here

To learn more about standard tasks, read our help article

Re-ordering Tasks

Tasks within the Claim Checklist can be easily re-ordered by dragging and dropping them. This is a great way to prioritise them and helps you maintain a tidy list.

Creating a New Task

It's quick and easy to add new tasks to the checklist. Type your task into the New Task space at the bottom of the list and press "Enter" on your keyboard, or click the green check button.

There is no limit to the number of tasks you can add to the checklist.

Clicking on a task takes you to the task details page where you can optionally add a Due Date, assign the task to a teammate, set the Type and add a Description. To learn more on how to edit tasks read our help article

The Due Date, Assigned To and Type will appear in the checklist under the task title, if you add them to the task.

Marking a Task as Completed 

Once you've performed a task you should mark it as complete. This lets your teammates know it is no longer actionable, but also it updates the checklist progress bar which conveniently shows the level of completion of the checklist (see more on that below).

Once a task is marked as completed it will show greyed out and crossed out. A nice use of the drag-and-drop ordering feature is to move completed tasks to the end of your list to give further prominence to the open ones.

The Checklist Progress Bar

The checklist progress bar gives a convenient, at-a-glance overview of the level of completed of a given claim, based on completed and open tasks. The progress bar will change colour according to the number of tasks completed: blue when at least one task has been actioned and green when all the tasks have been carried out!

The progress bar is visible both within the claim, in the Claim Inspector and in the main claims list. When clicking on the number of tasks next to the progress bar you will be redirected to the Checklist tab within a claim.

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