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Document Folders

Setup folders to organise your uploaded documents for claims, contacts and companies.

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From the Document Folders tab, administrators and managers on your Claimable account can configure folders, into which documents can be stored for claims, contacts and companies.

Creating a New Folder

To get started, choose from the tabs at the top of the page to setup folders for documents uploaded to either "Claims", "Contacts" or "Companies".

Then click the "Add Folder +" button.

Enter a name for your folder and click the "Create" button. The name must not already be in use on another folder you've created. You can even use emojis in your folder name ๐Ÿ˜ฒ!

Your new folder/s will show right away on the Documents tab of claims, contacts or companies, into which users can organise the files they upload.

Monitoring Folder Usage

When your team start to use folders, you can see how may documents belong to each one, when it was last used and by whom. This is an effective way to monitor the usage of folders and to help inform future changes, such as deleting those that remain unused.

This information is shown alongside each folder on the list of folders:

And also in the sidebar when you click to view an individual folder:

Editing an Existing Folder

You can edit the name of an existing folder, by clicking on it, changing the "Name" field and clicking the "Save" button.

The change will be reflected immediately on the Documents tab for claims, contacts or companies.

Changing the Folder Order

You can drag and drop the folders to re-order them on the list.

Your chosen order will also be used to determine the order in which folders appear on the Documents tab.

Deleting a Folder

You can delete a folder by clicking the trash can delete button from the folder edit page. If you delete a folder that contains documents, the documents themselves will NOT be deleted and will move to "Unfiled" on the Documents tab.

Note: Only administrators can delete folders that are in-use. For a manager to delete a folder it must be emptied first.

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