Store and organise documents for your claims, contacts and companies.

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Within each claim, contact or company in your Claimable account, there is a Documents tab allowing you to upload and store a variety of file types. This allows you to save important documents where they are most relevant, keeping them well-organised and easy to find.

All team members have access to them, from anywhere, helping your business stay organised and efficient.

Creating Folders

Documents can be organised into Folders. Administrators and managers can configure folders.

To create some folders, click on the cog icon (βš™οΈ) or the "Edit folders" button in the Documents tab to access the Settings page for Document Folders. Once there, click on "Add Folder +", enter a name for your folder and click the "Create" button.
​Remember: The name must not be already in use on another folder and you can use emojis in your folder name (😲).

Uploading a Document

You can easily upload a document from the Documents tab. Simply open the Folder you wish to add the document to, click the "Upload" button, "Choose a file" and select the document or documents you want to upload.

TIP: To select multiple documents, hold the CTRL or SHIFT key (or, CMD on a Mac).

You can also upload one or more documents by dragging and dropping them into the selected Folder.

Files are uploaded in the order in which they show in the operating system pop-up window. If you upload many files at once, they will be uploaded in batches of a few at a time, to optimise performance, but all files in the upload queue will eventually be uploaded.

The document/s will be available to all users in your account. By clicking on an individual document, a preview will show on the right-hand side for documents with one of the supported file types.

Moving Documents Between Folders

You can easily move documents from one folder to another by dragging and dropping the document in the desired folder.

Also, if you are already viewing the document preview, you can move the file to the desired folder from the "Folder" drop-down menu and clicking "Save".

Sorting/Ordering Documents

By default, documents are ordered with the most recently uploaded at the top and the oldest at the bottom. However, by clicking on the corresponding sort icon, you can choose to sort documents by date uploaded, file size, type or alphabetically.

TIP: If you want to permanently change how documents are sorted, you can set your choice as your default. This will only affect your user account (not your colleagues). To do so, just click the sort button to reveal the drop-down and click on "Set as my default".

Downloading a Document

If you wish to download a document from your Claimable account, select the file you wish to download and click the cloud icon. The cloud icon is available under the file preview window and will initiate a download immediately in your browser, which will save the file to your default downloads folder.

You can also download the document from the list of documents within a folder by clicking on the "Download" button.

Deleting a Document

You can delete a document easily with a few clicks. If you are viewing the document, you will find a "Delete" button under the preview. Simply click the trash icon, confirm that you wish to delete the file, and it will no longer be stored within the claim, contact or company.

You can also delete a document from the list of documents within a folder, by clicking on the three dots menu and the "Delete" button.

Deleting a document is permanent and can not be undone. No other users will be able to view the document from within Claimable anymore.

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