Switching Claim Type

Change the type of a claim after it's been created.

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The claim type is initially chosen at the time of claim creation and informs various aspects of how the claim file looks and behaves. But it's possible to switch claim types after the claim has been created by using the Switch Claim Type feature.

The Switch Claim Type feature can be accessed from the claim side bar, underneath the "Claim Type" label and also next to the "Claim Type" field on the Claim Details tab.

Additional Changes Required

To facilitate the switch to a new claim type, it may be necessary to change other aspects of the claim, in order to satisfy the configuration of the new claim type.

If this is necessary, the Switch Claim Type feature will guide you through the process and prompt you to review, and change, at least one the following where required:

  • Incident Type (& Sub-Incident Type)

  • Damage Types (for one or more Damages)

  • Contact Roles (for one or more Contacts)

  • Contact Liabilities (for one of more Contacts)

Who Can Switch Claim Type

Users with the role "Administrator", "Manager", "Claim Handler" can switch the claim type for all claims at any time.

Users with the role "Contributor" or "Claim Creator" can switch the claim type only for claims they've created within the last 30 minutes. This is intended to give the user the opportunity to correct a mistake and switch claim types before the claim advances further. After the 30 minute window these users would need to ask another user - with the role of "Administrator", "Manager" or "Claim Handler" - to switch claim types.

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