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Print a Conversation / Message
Print a Conversation / Message

Print or save to PDF an entire conversation or individual messages.

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Printing a Conversation

You can print an entire conversation and all its messages by clicking the print button (πŸ–¨) in the top right corner when viewing a conversation.

πŸ’‘Tip: Use your browser's "Save as PDF" feature to generate a PDF file to store on your computer.

You can also print a conversation from the pop-up menu when viewing the list of conversations. To access the pop-up menu, click on the three dots icon when hovering over the conversation in the list.

Printing a Single Message

You can print an individual message by clicking "Print" from the pop-up menu on the list of messages when viewing a conversation.

Also, there is a "Print" button on the pop-up window when viewing the original full message, for inbound email.

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