By linking claims to individual clients, Claimable ensures they are correctly categorised, making it easy for you to see your workload from each client. 

Creating a Client 

If you don't already have any clients in Claimable, you'll need to create one. To create a new client click "+ New Company" on the Companies tab. 

When creating the company, choose the type 'Client', and fill out all the necessary information, such as their contact and address details.

All companies with the type "Client" will be available to link to a claim. 

Linking the Client to a Claim 

When creating a new claim, all companies with the type "Client" are available to choose from in the Client field. Simply choose the client that you want to link to the claim, fill out the rest of the claim information and click "Create ✔"

Filtering on Clients

Once you've linked some claims to clients, you have the option of filtering claims by the client they are linked to. When adding or editing a filter on the Claims tab, specify under the conditions which client you wish to filter on. 

The filter will only show claims linked to the specified client.

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