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IP Address Filtering / IP Whitelist
IP Address Filtering / IP Whitelist

Restrict access to Claimable by IP address.

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You can restrict from which IP addresses users can can access your Claimable account by turning on the IP Address Filtering feature. Access from IP addresses not on the whitelist will be blocked.

To enable IP Address Filtering visit the Security tab under Account settings, which is available to administrators only.

When configuring IP Address Filtering for your Claimable account, you will need to ensure your current IP address is included in the whitelist to avoid locking yourself out. We therefore recommend adding at least one static IP address that you have guaranteed and persistent access to, such as from an office or over a VPN.

Enabling IP Address Filtering will take immediate effect and any users accessing Claimable from an IP address not on your whitelist will be logged out. To avoid disruption to your team, we recommend compiling in advance a list of all the IP addresses that your organisation uses and make sure all users are aware of this restriction before you enable it.

✏️ Developers Note: IP Address Filtering does not apply to requests to our Developer API which uses a different, per-authorisation token IP whitelist mechanism.

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