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Multi-Branch Support
Multi-Branch Support
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Claimable has multi-branch support for customers operating out of more than one location, enabling you to reflect your business structure and ensure the right people have access to the right information. 

Users can either have access to all branches or their designated branch, which determines the permissions that apply.


For users belonging to a branch

If a user belongs to a branch, they can only create or access claims belonging to that branch.  

In addition, users belonging to a branch can only access tasks, contacts or companies relating to claims, for their branch. This means when viewing the Task, Contacts or Company tabs, you wont be able to see information added under other branches. 

Lastly, when creating a claim or a company, they can only choose the branch they belong to, and not create records for other branches.

For users not belonging to a branch

If a user does not belong to a branch, they have the ability to see claims, tasks, contacts and companies belonging to all branches in the account. This can be used for your "head office" team or management who require company-wide oversight.

You also have the option of choosing which branch a claim should belong to when creating a new one. When connecting a claim to a branch, all added tasks and contacts will only be visible to the chosen branch only and for other users not linked to a specific branch. This also goes for companies added by a user not belonging to a branch.

Creating Claims for a Branch

If you do not belong to a branch, you can choose what branch the claims you create should belong to. If you belong to a branch, however, the branch is already filled out. You can click the Branch field, but only your branch will be available to choose from.

When adding a new claim, simply choose a branch from drop down menu. Note that the branch can not be changed after the claim has been saved. 

If you are a user belonging to a branch, your branch will be the only one to choose from in this field. 

Filtering by Branch

If you're a user not belonging to a branch you have the option of filtering on branches. This is useful to assess the workload for each branch or for running branch-specific reports.

When creating a new filter, click the Branch field and choose which branch you wish to filter on. Fill in any other conditions you need and click Save. The filter will only show claims created for the branch specified. 

You can also filter on branches in the Contacts and Companies tabs to get a clear overview of what information belongs to which branch. 

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