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Download letters instantly right from within your Claimable account.

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Claimable's letter generation feature provides your business the opportunity to integrate yet another admin-intensive operational activity, directly with Claimable and cut down on paperwork!

You have the option of adding as many letter templates to your account as you want and instantly download letters, addressed to any contact on a claim.

Simply contact the Claimable team to get started and add a letter template to your account.  

Change the Recipient

There is an option of changing the recipient of the letter before you download it. Simply click the button Change and choose the recipient from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu consists of the contacts added to the claim on the Contacts tab. 

You can address the letter to anyone, by simply adding a new contact to the claim on the Contacts tab.

Instant Download

When you have chosen your recipient, business or individual, simply click the Download button to generate the letter. It will instantly download to your computer, allowing you to forward it to the recipient by post or email.

A log of the most recent download is displayed beneath the letter title, so you can easily see who downloaded the letter last, when and to whom it was addressed.

To see an example of the kind of letter Claimable can generate, click here

Need help?

Just click the support chat bubble in the bottom right corner and we will happy to assist you. 

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