The Claim Inspector is located on the right side when viewing a claim and shows you useful information about the claim.

It provides a convenient, at-a-glance overview of the key information regarding the claim, such as Status, Claim Type, Claim ID, Date Created/Closed, Appointed Suppliers and who the claim is Assigned To. It also lets you add labels or close/reopen the claim from whichever tab you are viewing.

Hide the Claim Inspector 

You have the option of hiding the Claim Inspector by clicking the information icon in the top right corner. Clicking this icon again will make the Claim Inspector reappear.

The Checklist Progress Bar

In the Claim Inspector you can see the Checklist progress bar which gives a convenient, at-a-glance overview of the level of completion of the claim, based on completed and open tasks on the Claim Checklist.

The progress bar will change colour according to the number of tasks completed: blue when at least one task has been actioned and green when all the tasks have been carried out. Clicking on the number next to the progress bar you will redirected to the Checklist page. 

To learn more about it, read our help article.

Assigning the Claim to a Team Member from the Claim Inspector

You can easily see who the claim is Assigned To from the Claim Inspector and also change the assignee to an another member of your team, if needed. Simply click "Change" and choose a user from the drop-down menu.

Assigning a claim to "No-one" is useful for when no particular member of your team is solely responsible for a claim.

Adding a Label from the Claim Inspector

You have the option of adding as many Labels as you want from the Claim Inspector. Simply click the cog icon, select the labels you wish to add and see them appear in the Labels section of the Claim Inspector

To remove a label, open the list and click any of the labels that are already selected/checked.

To know more about Labels read our help article.

Closing the Claim from the Claim Inspector 

Next to the status of the claim, at the top of the Claim Inspector, the "Close" button is located. By clicking this, the claim immediately closes, switching the status colour to grey and populating the Date Closed field.

Reopening the Claim from the Claim Inspector

When you have closed a claim, the button will change to "Reopen". If you wish to reopen the claim, simply click "Reopen" and the status will change along with the colour. The Date Closed will also clear. 

Appointing a Supplier from the Claim Inspector

From the Claim Inspector, you can appoint as many suppliers as you want to a claim. Simply click the plus icon and a window will show you a list of suppliers you can appoint to a claim. Clicking on the supplier name will show you a convenient overview of some key company information. In order to appoint the supplier, just click on the green “Appoint” button.

Removing a Supplier from the Claim Inspector

Once a Supplier is appointed to a claim it will show in the Appointed Suppliers section of the Claim Inspector. You can remove the supplier simply clicking on the minus icon on the right - hand side of the supplier name or by opening the Supplier window and clicking on the “Remove” button.

To know more about Appointing a Supplier read our help article.

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