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Discover how to manage users in your Claimable account.

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Claimable allows account administrators to manage the users in their account in few clicks.

You can manage your users from the Users tab on the Settings page in your Claimable account.

From here you can invite or deactivate users on your account as explained further in our help article User Access.

Users Overview

The Users page gives you a handy overview of all users on your account: active, inactive and invited.
โ€‹Active Users

Active users are all those users that have access to your Claimable account. On the active users' page, you can see users' details such as the company they belong to, their role, the last time the user was active and the number of claims they are assigned to.

Invited Users

Invited users are all those users that have been invited to join your account but haven't accepted their invite yet. Here you can see the users details such as the company they work for and their role along with the date they have been invited and the expiry date of the invitation link.

Inactive Users

Inactive users are all those users that have been deactivated and therefore do not have access to Claimable anymore.

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