Duplicating a Claim
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You can duplicate a claim from the actions bar in the top right corner when viewing any individual claim.

The new claim will be assigned a new ID and appear at the top of your claims list when viewing the "All" filter.

Tip 1: Click on the duplicated claim box to view it right away, or close the window to continue working on the current claim.

Tip 2: You can create multiple duplicates of a claim by closing the duplication window and re-opening it each time. The number of previous duplicates shows in the bottom right corner.

Note: Duplicated claims are automatically opened even if the original claim was closed.

What Gets Duplicated?

The duplicated claim will copy the following information from the original:

  • Claim Details tab - including the Claim Type, Claim Ref., Incident Type, Assigned To, Claimant, Insured, Client etc.

  • Contacts tab - any contacts linked to the original are added to the duplicated claim, including their role and liability.

  • Labels - any labels assigned at the time of duplication will be copied.

  • Damages - if there are any damages, these get copied.

  • Injuries - for certain claim types, if there are any injuries, these get copied.

  • Vehicles - for motor/auto claim types, if there are any vehicles, these get copied.

Once duplicated, you can process the new claim and make changes in the normal way.

"New Claim" and "Claim Assignment" Notifications

Notifications behave in the same way for duplicated claims as with new claims. So, if enabled by a user, they will receive the "New Claim" and "Claim Assignment" notifications, in the normal way.

Who Can Perform Duplication?

Users with the role "Administrator", "Manager", "Claim Handler" can duplicate claims. Also the user who created the original claim can duplicate it, but not claims created by other people.

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